Ash Wednesday is February 22!

Sometimes it’s hard to get to church on a Wednesday.  There’s soccer, meetings, traffic, dinner, errands and much more to squeeze into our days.  And it’s much harder to get to church on Wednesday if you’ve gotten out of the habit of church entirely, but Ash Wednesday is especially for people whose relationship to God isn’t perfect.

It’s about confessing the messiness of our lives, and claiming our desire for renewal, forgiveness and healing.  So Ash Wednesday belongs in the messy places of our lives: the commute, the meetings, the kitchen, classroom or office.

And this site is about how to bring Ash Wednesday to people who need it, but can’t find their way to the church.  “Ashes to Go” has been bubbling up in Episcopal congregations around the country, and this year, you can bring the gift of ashes to your community.

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