Want to offer “Ashes to Go” in your community?

First, you’ll want to think about where, what, who and how.  Check out the “Ashes to Go” Tip Sheet on the Episcopal Church’s Vital Practices site (disponible en español aquí), or use this planning guide.

Then, from this site, you can download sample liturgies and resource material.
If you have questions in your planning, check out the FAQ or drop us a line, or ask the collective experience of the Facebook group.

Recommended Reading:

City of God: Faith in the Streets, by Sara Miles
The author shares stories and reflections on Ash Wednesday ministry in the streets of San Francisco’s Mission District.

Speaking Faithfully: Communications as Evangelism in a Noisy World, by Rebecca Wilson and Jim Naughton
Two communications professionals share smart insights and practical application about ways to get the word of God out in today’s fast-paced media world.  Fresh perspectives can help you think in new ways about evangelism through and beyond Ashes to Go.