Imagine: It’s an ordinary weekday, and in the middle of your daily tasks, you stumble into Clerigos y Tima moment of prayer.  The street corner, the coffee shop, or some other ordinary place is suddenly a place where God has come to meet you.  The church has come out from behind the comfortable pews and doors to be in the places where the rubber meets the road.  It’s Ash Wednesday, and you’re invited to wear your ashes, to claim repentance, grace and deep relationship with God for the challenges of your daily life.

StASFCA  Were you surprised by Ashes to Go? Did you offer ashes in the midst of daily life? Share your stories or pictures on the site, or on our Facebook page.  The Stories page is updated throughout the year as people share reflections and news.

WorcesterMA2013“Ashes to Go” is about bringing spirit, belief, and belonging out from behind church doors, and into the places where we go every day.  It’s a simple event with deep meaning, drawing on centuries of tradition and worship to provide a contemporary moment of grace.

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